Customer payment

Customer payment information stolen from popular food delivery service EatStreet

We’re not even halfway through 2019 and billions of records have already been exposed through various data breaches. And these are just numbers on the violations that we are aware of. And no type of business or agency has been spared. This year alone, violations have impacted social media platforms, retailers, medical companies, financial institutions […]

Customer payment

Hacker Steals Customer Payment Information in EatStreet Data Breach

EatStreet online food ordering service revealed a security incident in May that led to a data breach involving customer payment card information and sensitive information from delivery and restaurant partners. EatStreet “currently serves over 15,000 restaurants in over 1,100 cities” according to the company’s website and is a “one stop shop for online ordering and […]

Direct debit

45% of UK consumers prefer direct debit for subscription payments

GoCardless published research on the payment preferences of consumers around the world for recurring purchases, conducted by YouGov. The study found that almost half of UK consumers (45%) were likely to choose direct debit to pay for their subscriptions online, compared to almost a third (32%) who were likely to choose a debit card . […]