Customer payment

Wawa Announces Massive Data Breach That Potentially Affected Customers’ Payment Information Across All Their Locations

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) – Bad news if you’ve ever made a purchase at a Wawa store – your payment information may have been exposed. Wawa CEO Chris Gheysens said on December 10, their information security team discovered malware on their processing servers. It was contained two days later, but the malware affected customer payment information […]

Direct debit

Can I cancel my Sky Debit because the bills are in my ex’s name?

I’m having trouble canceling my Sky TV and Broadband subscription. My ex moved about nine years ago and Sky refused to transfer the account to my name even though my ex spoke to them at the time to give permission. However, they were very quick to change the payment details on my behalf. I am […]

Customer payment

UK retailer Sweaty Betty hacked to steal customer payment information

UK sportswear retailer Sweaty Betty’s website has been hacked to insert malicious code that attempts to steal a customer’s payment information while shopping. This type of attack is called Magecart and involves a hacker who compromises an online site in order to inject malicious code into the checkout or other pages that ask for payment […]

Customer payment

Smith & Wesson website hacked to steal customer payment information

US gunmaker Smith & Wesson’s online store has been compromised by attackers who injected a malicious script that attempts to steal customer payment information. This type of attack is called Magecart and occurs when hackers compromise a website so that they can inject malicious JavaScript scripts into ecommerce or payment pages. These scripts then steal […]