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We often need advice to help us manage our personal finances. In this context, the display of relevant information is essential for financial institutions, especially for all regular commercial banks, to achieve customer satisfaction and interest in financial education. Display of relevant financial information is a mandatory requirement for banks, as instructed by the Reserve Bank of India through a Principal Circular on Customer Service in Banks.

The State Bank of India, also known as SBI, has introduced its telephone and internet banking hotline numbers, information which is readily available on the bank’s websites, mobile apps and documents. related.

Forbes Advisor India has put together a guide on how to get relevant help and alerts from SBI Credit Card Customer Service via channels like Call, SMS and Whatsapp.

To note: Exclusive customer service features, such as speaking with live agents, are mainly reserved for registered or existing customers of the bank, while new customers can also benefit from basic information through these communication mediums.

SBI Credit Card Customer Service Hotline Number

SBI’s credit card customer service via IVR is open 24/7, while executives are available to speak from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday in Hindi and English. Remember that in addition to public holidays in India, banks are closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month, while Sundays are declared public holidays as per negotiable law. Additionally, there are public holidays that fall on Saturdays. SBI’s credit card hotline numbers are:

Numbers with 1860 initials are premium numbers, which are billed per minute. These charges are significantly higher than for calling local numbers.

SBI credit card customer service number: 1860 500 1290, 1860 180 1290.

The toll-free number, beginning with 1800, does not charge callers.

SBI credit card green number: 1800 180 1290.

SBI customer service number for international customers: +91-802 6599 990.

SBI Credit Card Customer Service Email ID

Email correspondence is the most reliable way to get relevant help in resolving credit card queries. The bank provided direct email id only for its existing corporate credit card holders. However, SBI personal credit card holders and non-credit card holders can use the bank’s website to email customer service. The process is as follows:

For SBI Personal Credit Card Holders

Login to

Verify user via mobile phone number and credit card PIN, or account user ID and password, or credit card number.

Authentication via OTP via SMS.

Type/select your query


For Non-SBI Credit Card Holders

Login to

Complete the form by entering the reason for contact with the SBI

Full name

Mobile number (OTP authentication by SMS)

Select in the query, “Related Application” from the category menu

Select “Card Features and Benefits” from the subcategory menu

Type the query

Attach relevant documents, if applicable.


SBI Corporate Customer Care Email ID Credit Card Holders

E-mail: [email protected]

SBI Credit Card Customer Service SMS Number

The 24/7 SMS service for credit card customer service for SBI is provided to its existing cardholders only. SBI’s Credit Card Customer Service SMS number for existing cardholders is 567-6-791. Here are the functions to get instant help from SBI, as follows:

Balance inquiry: BAL(space) last four digits of the card

Available credit and cash limit: AVAILABLE(space)last four digits of the card

Block lost or stolen cards: BLOCK(space) last four digits of the card

Last payment status: PAYMENT(space)last four digits of the card

Summary of reward points: REWARD(space)last four digits of the card

Subscribe to eStatements: ESTMT(space) last four digits of the card

Request for a duplicate statement: DSTMT(space)(last four digits of card)month of statement in MM.

In addition, SBI also sends transaction updates to users’ registered mobile number.

SBI credit card customer service whatsapp number

Currently, SBI’s Whatsapp service is only for its existing customers, for help with credit cards. SBI’s Whatsapp credit card number is 9004022022. The service can also be subscribed via:

Missed call to 08080945040 from registered phone number

SBI Card mobile app

SBI Card Website

Ask Ila, SBI’s Virtual Assistant

Send an SMS to 5676791: Type WAOPTIN (space) the last four digits of the credit card number

SBI Credit Card Customer Service

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does SBI have a credit card customer service number per state?

SBI has an all-India credit card hotline – 186 0500 1290, 186 0180 1290, 180 0180 1290 – SMS service at 567-6-791, and even Whatsapp messenger at 900 4022 022 for related queries.

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